Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's Talk: Weight Gain/ Loss and Reading.

As a reader, I spend a lot of my day about the same as this lady in the picture. Laying down, or sitting with a book in my hand. Not very active, huh? I have been a heavy reader now for about two years. In that two years my weight has increased some. I find that this hobby that I enjoy isn't a hobby that gets me being to active. When I do take walks, I have kids and dog in tow, so it isn't like I can get lost in a good walk and book at the same time. I often find myself out side now that my kids are a little older on the patio with a book in hand as they play.So, its a wonder, why has my butt started growing, when I am always sitting on it?

This past February I had had enough. I was at my heaviest weight and my clothes weren't fitting and I found myself always in sweat pants. I put the books down that I loved so much and took a lot of time during the day to get active. You can see that in February I blogged very little. Only read about 7 books, which is about half of what I usually read. I can say, from not reading I did lose weight; 10 pounds actually. I still have another 5-10 pounds that I want to lose and I am still highly motivated to get it off. Recently though I have gotten back to reading a lot. Averaging my 3 books a week. Reading helps my stress levels as I am able to escape to a whole other world for even 10 minutes. So, I haven't been quite as active and put on a pound or two. Was not happy after all my hard work, so I need to get active and read. I am however one of those people once I start a book, I have got to finish it. So it makes it difficult to want to work out.

So tell me, what is something that you do to stay fit while feeding a reading addiction. I would love to know what you do. Does anyone have any home exercises they do while they are reading?



Hott Books - Gina said...

My growing rump is right there with you, my dear! I was just thinking the same thing this morning.

I'm not even sure how to fit in an hour of moving time because I'm always running the kids but alas something has got to give! We went to the zoo last week and my legs were sore for two days because it had been so long since I'd used them!

LOL!! Let me know what you awesome readers come up with. I've joined a fitness challenge & they've been trying to make me accountable and give me tips. Check out The Romantic Life for details.

Kritter said...

I am a big fan of reading my nook on the eliptical. It's not as bouncy as the treadmill and I can move and read. I tend to stay on the machine longer if I am reading because I don't get bored so quickly.

Teresa said...

The only suggestion that I have is listening to audio books while walking.

Paws said...

Yep, I listen to audio books when I'm running on the treadmill.

Ricki said...

Recumbent stationary bikes are the best for reading a physical book on. I use my Cruz Tablet for eBooks when I am on the Arc Trainer because it is much easier to set down on the machine. If you are are home without cardio equipment, I suggest doing a set of strength exercises after each chapter you read.

Beth said...

I read most of my books on the treadmill--I can feed my reading habit and exercise at the same time! It works well for paper books and ebooks.