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Friday Mornings at Nine by Marilyn Brant

Friday Mornings at Nine
Publication Date: October 1st 2010
Genre: Chick-lit
Format I Read: Paperback
Reviewed For: Crazy Book Tours
My Rating:

Book Blurb: Every woman remembers her firsts: Her first kiss. Her first lover. And her first time contemplating an affair...
Each Friday morning at the Indigo Moon Café, Jennifer, Bridget and Tamara meet to swap stories about marriage, kids, and work. But one day, spurred by recent e-mails from her college ex, Jennifer poses questions they've never faced before. What if they all married the wrong man? What if they're living the wrong life? And what would happen if, just once, they gave in to temptation...
Soon each woman is second-guessing the choices she's made—and the ones she can unmake—as she becomes aware of new opportunities around every corner, from attentive colleagues and sexy neighbors to flirtatious past lovers. And as fantasies blur with real life, Jennifer, Bridget and Tamara begin to realize how little they know about each other, their marriages, and themselves, and how much there is to gain—and lose—when you step outside the rules.

My Thoughts: This book was a delightful little read. I enjoyed ever moment that I was sitting down with this book. Marilyn told a very relateable story about three women who were trying to find themselves outside of being a wife and mother. I think this is something that many women can relate too. This book focused more on the stay at home crowd I feel. Most of the women worked from home if they did work. Jennifer, Bridget, and Tamera are the three women we take the journey with. Jennifer opens up a topic on one of their Friday mornings, and that is about if any of them have thought about having an affair. For the next year of these ladies life's, we take a journey as Jennifer decides if she wants to leave her life for her ex flame; Bridget is making eyes for her boss, and Tamera has a hunky neighbor and a husband who always travels and pays her no attention.

One thing I enjoyed most was that this book was real. It wasn't a bunch of fudge. These women really had to make decisions and they way there spouse reacted was real. All three situations were different. This books ends in away where there isn't a happy ending for all. Your left to ponder about one character and wonder what is to come. I think it was a perfect ending.

I recommend this book to the stay at home/work at home woman crowd. This book is right up your ally. Also, if you just a fan of chick lit I think you will find this book enjoyable.



Marilyn Brant said...
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Marilyn Brant said...

Rebecca, thank you so much for your lovely review! It was such a delight to see it on Goodreads, and it led me to your review blog, which I've enjoyed as well ;). Best wishes and many thanks!

Seaside Book Nook said...

I am so happy you liked the book. I really enjoyed it to. I am so happy that Marilyn has already replied. I was just going to send her the link. She is such a wonderful author and person.

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Thanks so much and I am lookin forward to future posts.

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