Friday, February 18, 2011

Georgia Bottoms by Mark Childress

Georgia Bottoms: A Novel
Publication Date: February 23rd 2011
Genre: General Fiction
Format I Read: Paperback
My Rating: See my thoughts for rating.

Book Blurb: Georgia Bottoms is known in her small community of Six Points, Alabama, as a beautiful, well-to-do, and devoutly Baptist Southern belle.
Nobody realizes that the family fortune has long since disappeared, and a determinedly single woman like Georgia needs an alternative, and discreet, means of income. In Georgia's case it is six well-heeled lovers-one for each day of the week, with Mondays off-none of whom knows about the others.
But when the married preacher who has been coming to call (Saturdays) decides to confess their affair in front of the whole congregation, Georgia must take drastic measures to stop him.

My Thoughts: This is a book I have a hard time rating. I am hoping by the time I finish writing my thoughts about this book I have decided on a rating. In most aspects I liked this book. Georgia is a very intriguing character and keeps the reader entertained. She lives in her own little world. She takes care of her mother "Little Mama" who is losing her mind. For money Georgia lives a secret life. She wouldn't consider herself a prostitute since she doesn't ask for money,  its gifted to her. She has one night a week set to each gentleman and if they leave her a gift, then that's great. No one is off limits for Georgia. This in itself if fun to read about since she lives in such a small little city where cell phones don't even exist. Its very small town, very country area. The dialect in this book proves this to be from a small town.

So you may be wondering now, where I am I having such a hard time with rating this book. The answer is, the racial aspect of this book. I could have done without some of the words and the ignorance. I get that there are still people out there who don't like the other races, and this  book reminds you of it, but I think the story still would have been good without it. The black people in this book spoke with horrible dialect. I live in the south. I am actually in Georgia. I do hear this dialect so it isn't foreign to me. I just could have done without it. The "N" word is used through out this book since Georgia's mom is the main one against black people. I am sure  the author meant well and I enjoyed his story very much. This is my first book by him, I would be interested in reading another just to see what its like. He tells a great story. It was fun taking a trip down a southern road and here about the life's of those who still have it simple. Either way, if you can ignore the racial aspects if this is something that might offend you, then you will enjoy this story.

With that being said, I think I would give the story a 4 but the racial aspect has me put it at a 3. So this book is going to have 2 ratings I guess!

**This book was provided to me by the publisher in return for my honest review.**

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