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Whisper Falls by Toni Blake

Whisper Falls: A Destiny Novel
Publication Date: December 28, 2010
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: E-book (Paperback available)
Series: A Destiny Novel (can be read alone)
My Rating:

Book Summary:  Welcome to Destiny, Ohio—where coming home means finding your true heart and maybe even your true love. 
Tessa Sheridan came crawling back home to Destiny after her big city interior design career crumbled. Now not only must she struggle to make ends meet, she has to contend with a biker next door and the roar of Harley's shattering the serenity of her cabin in the woods. Worse still, her sexy bad boy neighbor makes her feel breathless and weak—and shy, petite Tessa knows what a major mistake it would be to get involved with someone so…dangerous. 
They say that former teen rebel Lucky Romo has a dark, secret past—that he’s trouble with a capital “T.” Still, Tessa feels all tingly when she sees how well he fills out a pair of tight jeans. And when Lucky invites her into his world, she knows the intense heat sparking between them could lead her somewhere wild and wonderful…and, yes, dangerous!

My Thoughts: This was a whirlwind of a story all wrapped up in this book. This was my first book by Toni Blake and it will not be my last!  Tessa is a character I think we can all relate too. Due to an illness she has almost stopped living life. She is going with the flow of things. She works, hangs out with friends, gardens and just does things that fill up her time. She is however looking for more. She starts to feel like she needs something to do to prove she is alive. She asks her friends to take her skydiving and they just laugh at her. She is crazy they think. However, Tessa has a thirst to do something. Recently she has a new neighbor, an annoying neighbor at that. Upon losing her friends cat and running after it to catch it, she meets her motorcycle and decked out tattoo neighbor. He also just happens to be her friends fiance's brother who left town 18 years ago and everyone thinks is dead. Its Lucky Romo. She feels like she should be scared, but there is something their that keeps her drawn to him. The two know the other is the last person they need in their lives, however they just can't seem to stay away from one another. Lucky has a lot of secrets and these are holding Tessa back but also keeping her interested.

There is a lot of sexual tension in this book. So many times the characters almost kiss and they don't. By the time the characters do finally unite, you as the reader are gasping and so ready. These two are a match made in heaven and it isn't easy for them, even once they do decide they can't not be together. The story continues on as you learn about Lucky's past that everyone is wanting to know. This a an excellent read and will be hard to put down. Even when your not reading it, this book will be on your mind. Be sure to check it out!

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**This book was provided to me by my request from the publishers.**

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