Friday, January 21, 2011

How To Meet A Guy At The Supermarket by Jessica Degarmo

How To Meet A Guy At The Supermarket
Publication Date: November 4th 2010
Genre: Chick-lit/ Contemporary Romance
Format: E-book and Paperback
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My Rating: 3 1/2

Book Summary: Join Quinn on a hilarious journey of self-discovery and dating. Will she find a beefcake or a rotten apple? Will Quinn find love or sour grapes at the supermarket? Quinn is a successful journalist who has been so busy trotting the globe looking for stories that she sort of forgot to invest in her private life. Eventually, she takes on an assignment with a nationally-syndicated travel magazine back in her hometown in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and is able to settle down. The problem is she's lonely. She's too young to be a spinster and too old to pick up a man at a bar, so what is she to do? Quinn sets out to find a man in the unlikely setting of the Grocery King Supermarket. She devises crazy plans to find a mate, no matter what it takes. Cue a whole series of misfortunes as Quinn is mistaken for a prostitute, has the whole world looking for her imaginary dog, and resorts to doing the strangest of things--like fainting in the bakery section--to meet the man of her dreams. And what does she have to show for all this trauma and hard work? Yep, a hapless collection of Mr. Wrong, Mr. Wrong and Mr. WRONG. Jessica L. Degarmo's 'How To Meet a Guy at the Supermarket' is classic witty romance/ chick lit with a difference - Quinn actually feels like a real person written by a real person. You have probably met her, and she no doubt confused the hell out of you every bit as much as she confused herself.

My thoughts: This was a cute read. Quinn is tired of being single and is ready to meet Mrs. Right and the supermarket seems like the perfect place. She has tons of stunts that she decides to use to meet the right guy. The only person she remotely attracts is the guy is the meat department, whom she calls "Shrimp boy." He is a bother to her to begin with and after a few months, she finally starts to have a friendship with him. Quinn does dive into several relationships in this book as she struggles to find Mr. Right. This is where my complaint comes with this book and why I couldn't give it 4 stars. The time length she was with these guys in the book, seemed unrealistic to me. If she had doubts about these men from the beginning, the way the character was written, in my opinion never would have stuck around. Quinn didn't come off as extremely desperate and she would marry anyone. Yes, she was lonely, but she had a lot of spunk to her that both of these men crushed in her. The time length in a lot of this book to me was too long. Now to jump back to positive, the story was very cute and well written. The author really knows how to paint a picture. Quinn is a very likeable characger and I would love to be a friend of hers. She has a very positive attitude and made for a fun read.  So please don't let my one draw back keep you from picking up this book. You will sit down and have a few laughs on Quinn's journey to love. Many times you will want to whack her in the head and tell her to look in front of her.

** This book was provided to me by the author in return for my honest review.**

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Reena Jacobs said...

The dreaded days of finding the right one. I hope never to have to revisit those again. :)

It's odd how easy it is to overlook a great catch.