Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's Talk: Do you read holiday books anytime or just during the holidays?

Its that time of year, where its time to read holiday books. I am one of those who won't touch a Christmas book if it isn't Christmas, are you? I usually buy 3 or 4 a year to save for just this time.  So, we decorated the tree yesterday, the house is torn apart from rearranging and putting regular decor up and bringing out the holiday decor. So, I selected the first Christmas book I would read to kick off this season. However so far, 80 pages in, I think I am putting it aside. The reviews were right on goodreads, it isn't very good. So, I can't start off this holiday season with a bad book, can I? So, I am thinking of putting the book I am currently reading aside and maybe finish one rainy day and moving onto a Christmas anthology. The Night Before Christmas, by authors: Erin McCarthy, Jill Shalvis, Kathy Love, Kathrine Garbera, and Kylie Adams. Hopefully this one is a winner or my holiday season just might be ruined! No, not really.

So tell me, can you read a Christmas book anytime, or can you only read it at Christmas time? What do you plan to read this season?

Here are three on my agenda:
The Night Before ChristmasBelieveTwo Tickets to the Christmas Ball: A Novella

So, let's chat!


Barb said...

I only read Christmas books around Christmas time. I enjoyed The Night Before Christmas but I haven't read the others on your agenda! I've read The Heart of Christmas (ok) and Naughty and Nice (better than ok) and I'm currently reading Twas the Night and I'm enjoying it. Nothing is really grabbing me so far :(

Crystal said...

I read them anytime. You know me, I'm a series kind of girl, and I like to follow the books in order. If it so happens that the book next is a holiday novel, well then, that's what I read. I don't really have any "holiday" books per say though. Hummm.....maybe it's something I should look into though.

Paws said...

I (mostly) just read them around the holidays. I have a few lined up, but am waiting a little longer to start. :) I hadn't heard of "The Night Before Christmas", but I have to find it now! I love the authors in it. Thanks for the tip!