Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Love Goddess' Cooking School by Melissa Senate

The Love Goddess' Cooking SchoolPublication Date: Oct 26, 2010
Pages: 321
Genre: chic-lit
My Rating:

Summary: Holly Maguire’s grandmother Camilla was the Love Goddess of Blue Crab Island, Maine—a Milanese fortune-teller who could predict the right man for you, and whose Italian cooking was rumored to save marriages. Holly has been waiting years for her unlikely fortune: her true love will like sa cordula, an unappetizing old-world delicacy. But Holly can’t make a decent marinara sauce, let alone sa cordula. Maybe that’s why the man she hopes to marry breaks her heart. So when Holly inherits Camilla’s Cucinotta, she’s determined to forget about fortunes and love and become an Italian cooking teacher worthy of her grandmother’s legacy.
But Holly’s four students are seeking much more than how to make Camilla’s chicken alla Milanese. Simon, a single father, hopes to cook his way back into his daughter’s heart. Juliet, Holly’s childhood friend, hides a painful secret. Tamara, a serial dater, can’t find the love she longs for. And twelve-year-old Mia thinks learning to cook will stop her dad, Liam, from marrying his phony lasagna-queen girlfriend. As the class gathers each week, adding Camilla’s essential ingredients of wishes and memories in every pot and pan, unexpected friendships and romances are formed—andtested. Especially when Holly falls hard for Liam . . . and learns a thing or two about finding her own recipe for happiness.

My Thoughts: I love stories that deal with people from your past coming back, whether its an old friend or an old crush/flame; and this book had both. I had hoped the book would go into a little more depth with the friendships that were formed in this book, then again it may have made it like too many other books out there if that had been the case. Especially since this one dealt a little more on the romance side between Liam and Holly. When we first meet Holly in this book, she is leaving a romance that she had thought was the one. The man who seemed perfect, yet he wouldn't eat Sa Cordula which is her curse so to speak. Her grandmother told her she would find her great love when he would eat this dish. Sa Cordula just happens to be a pasta dish with goat guts. Yuck, I know! So, who she felt was this great love of coarse took one bite and he hated it. This is how she gets back to her hometown with her grandmother, who unfortunately passes away and leaves her cooking business to Holly. Holly takes over, trying to make it her own and still offers the cooking coarse.

Mia is Liam's daughter who wants to take the class so she can learn to cook for her dad and get rid of his current girlfriend. This is when Liam enters into the picture, who also just so happens to be someone she had always had a crush on when she was in high school. However, the book really doesn't dive into that. Its mentioned a few times, but there is never any dialect between Liam and Holly about this, so its easily forgotten.

This is a really good book. Its interesting and will hold your attention for the most part if your into just a classic story where you don't need a little suspense. When reading this book, make sure in you weekly menu you have something Italian on there. Your going to finish this book and crave something warm, cheesy and full of marinara sauce!

**This book was provided to me by the publisher's in return for an honest review.**


Blodeuedd said...

Hi, stumbled on over here :) nice place.
And everyone seems to be reading this book, I am so curious

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I have this in my stack, I can't wait to get to it. Glad you liked it!

Juju at Tales of said...

I must try this. I have it on my TBR list. Have you read the Secret of Joy by Melissa Senate?