Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Savior of The Rainforest by Bruno Gonzalez

Savior of the Rain Forest: An Adventure of Zalvator the Black PantherI have been given the opportunity to review this children's book, Savior of the Rain Forest: An Adventure of Zalvator the Black Panther. This book is about the rainforest's and man coming to take over. The animals want to save and protect their home. The author wanted to write a book letting kids know about the destruction of rainforest's and how it effects the animals.

A little about the author: Bruno Gonzalez:

This is the first children's novel written by Bruno Gonzalez. Bruno is a lover of black panthers and wants to create awareness about the destruction of the world's precious rain forests. He was born in Tijuana, Mexico and raised and resides in the beautiful city of Chula Vista, in Southern California. Bruno also attended the University of California, San Diego where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences. He was finally able to write this book when he took a break from the corporate world to focus on his writing and fulfill his dream of publishing his first story. 

Bruno considers his first book as one for kids of all ages with an important message for adults alike. A wonderful storyline accompanied by the color of beautiful illustrations throughout the novel, Savior of the Rain Forest will inspire all to savor the earth's precious resources and the wildlife that consider them their home.

What we Thought: (Me and the kids)
I thought the story was very cute. It sent a good message to the kids to be proud of their land and to fight for it. It showed them what man can do to animals. The pictures in this book were gorgeous. They were very colorful and caught the attention of my kids.  The kids liked the whole story. it was a little long for my 3 year old to handle. She was in and out of listening to it. My six year old was intrigued with the story, though he asked what a good bit of words were. He is an excellent reader, but this would be a difficult book for him to sit down and read.  My biggest complaint with this being a kids book is the vocabulary. Some words were big or I felt could have been left out. Some sentences could have been shorter. That is however with the perspective of reading it to young children. The authors states on his website that this is a book for children of all ages. With that being said, if my son was say eight or nine, the use of bigger vocabulary words would have been fine.

Over all we loved the book.

My 3 year olds favorite part: When the big black cat saved the little boy.
My 6 year olds favorite part: The big anaconda snakes! He said he liked the whole story, but he really liked the snakes!

Our rating:

**this book was provided to me by Bostick Communications and Bruno Gonzalez for my honest opinon on this book. I was not required to write a positive review**

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