Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live to Tell by Lisa Gardner

Live to Tell: A Detective D. D. Warren Novel
Publication Date: July 13th 2010
Pages: 400
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
My Rating:

Book Summary: This book draws you in from the beginning. Lisa Garnder is easily becoming a favorite of mine when I need to read something that will keep me on my toes. This story is told by three different woman. One is Detective DD. Warren's who we meet again in this book. She is trying to solve the mystery. Victoria is the mother of an 8 year old boy who is very troubled. So troubled that the mother has to keep anything up that her son could use to end her life. She lives in fear in her home, but what is she to do when its her own child. We also follow Danielle in her quest to move on after 25 years from the night that her father murdered everyone in the house, except for her. Her father even took his own life. She has been left for years wondering why she is still here, was it because she was special or was it that he hated her so much that he left her here to suffer. It was around the anniversary of the killing to Danielle's family when other families are all being killed too. Everyone in these families die. It ties back to the kids psych unit where Danielle words, because it is all kids from there who have their families dieing. DD. Warren has her hands full with this case.

My Thoughts:  This was an exceptionally good book. I got to know detective DD Warren better and I enjoyed that. I am interested to read more about her in future books.  There was some predictability in this book. However, with as much as I read, I find it often fairly easy to guess plots of books. However, I still fully enjoy them.  My heart went out a great deal for Danielle and I could feel the pain she was feeling. I couldn't imagine seeing the things she did and having her whole family murdered. I often thought Victoria was crazy for staying there with her son. I think I would have ran, instead of living in that fear.

This is a great weekend read when you want to read something that you have to figure out and yet will keep you up late having to finish it.

I read this book as part of a tour from Crazy Book Tours. You get to read ARC or recently released books and then pass them on. 

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Marce said...

LisaG is on my list of authors to try and I am sure I will really enjoy.

Great review.