Thursday, September 30, 2010

In The Dark by Richard Laymon

This month my local book club chose a horror book as this months book pick. As a teenager, i did read some Stephen King from time to time. Now I am mainly a romance kinda girl. So, this book was stepping out of my norm. However, that is sometimes part of a book club. So, here is a mini review on the book.

In the DarkPublished on November 1st 1994
Genre: Horror
Pages: 500
My Rating:

Jane is the main character in this book. She is a librarian and on day she find an envelope on her chair. She open the envelope to find $50 and a letter from Master of the Game, AKA, MOG.  In the envelope she gets a clue as the where to find the next envelope is. Upon finding the next one, she gets her money doubled. At this point, she is hooked. Who wouldn't be, if all they had to do was follow the clue and your money gets doubled. However, each clue brings her to more and more dangerous situations. Jane finds herself changing and doing things she never imagined doing, all in the name for another white envelope with more money and a clue.

The book definitely kept me involved. It was a big book, but it doesn't take long to finish. Your curiosity is spiked wanting to know what she has to do next, getting completely grossed out by the stuff she does, and then feeling the relief when she makes it out of that event alive. The book wasn't quite as horror as I thought it might get. I did enjoy it very much and I am glad that i decided to read it .It is a great spooky book for this time of the year.


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