Friday, August 20, 2010

Review---The Wednesday Sister's by Meg Waite Clayton

The Wednesday Sisters: A Novel

A group of women start meeting at the park in the 1960's. Frankie, Ally, Linda, Kath, and Brett. Each one is different as the other, yet they have one common interest, and that is writing. They meet every Wednesday morning while the kids play in the park and they write. They critique each others work and support one another. Through this common interest, friendships are born and these five women are always there for one another in a way that every woman dreams to have in a friend.

What I Thought:
It was an amazing story. I enjoyed getting to know each woman individually. The story was told in Frankie's point of view. You mainly get to know the women through her, however she is a very non judgemental and quiet person, so it was easy seeing the other characters through her eyes.

I loved the aspect in the group  of the women having a writing group. It was very unique and each woman seemed to have a different topic they liked to write about. They were all supportive while trying to find agents. As with almost any book you read that deals with a group of women, one women does deal with an illness and the group really comes together for that.

With the book being set in the 1960's it was interesting seeing the different point of views. One issue that was dealt with was interracial marriages. Today its common, very few people are against it. No one judges anyone for it. Yet, you have these five women in a different time then now and you see how they feel about it. You also have the start of the women's movement in this book. These five women have dreams, but they  have been raised to be born home makers. It isn't common for women to work still in this time.

Without telling too much more of the  book, I want to say that I liked it. It was in some ways similar to The Friday Night Knitting Club. If you liked that book, they you will definitely like this in the aspect its similar.

My Rating:

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