Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trust Me On This by Jennifer Crusie

Trust Me on This (Loveswept)
Publication Date: Oct. 26 2010 (re-issue)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed For: Myself
My Rating:

Book Blurb: As soon as Alec Prentice spotted the spicy brunette in red silk, he vowed that the tempting con woman would not escape him! Dennie Banks was prepared to do anything to get her story, even flirt her way into the arms of a man who promised to help; but when the feisty reporter dared him to kiss her, his mouth scorched hers with wildfire yearning. 
Could two passionate partners in crime get their man and each other? 
In a deliciously fast-paced and funny romance, Jennifer Crusie proves without a doubt that everyone's guilty of something;and it might just be love! Drawn into a reckless charade by a man whose dangerous charm was hard to resist,could she uncover his mysteries without surrendering her own?

My Thoughts: I devoured this book in one sitting. I love Jennifer Crusie. I love her witty writing and comical characters. Anytime I sit down with one of her books, I am highly entertained. I think at this point, there isn't one I have not read yet. This book draws you in from the beginning as you meet Dennie and Alec separately. Dennie is a reporter looking to make it big and start a chain of changes in her life. Alec wants to take down one of the biggest criminals he and his boss Harry have been looking for. Upon the two meeting, Alec is sure that Dennie is part of the scam and is in with the criminals. She has no idea who Alec is, but thinks he is just a smooth talker who will say anything to get her into bed.

The two have quite the banter between each other as the heat between them leaps off the pages. I found myself laughing a lot during this book and I just couldn't wait to see how it played out. On top of the romance between Dennie and Alec, there is also another romance between Alec's boss and his aunt!

This book will leave you feeling happy and entertained; almost like watching a good romantic comedy. In fact, I can't believe on of Crusie's books hasn't been turned into a romantic comedy yet!