Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Help with Bookclub Pick.

Fellow Readers, I need your help! This Sunday is my book club meeting and we all throw a book suggestion in a hat and I need a suggestion. I usually have a book all picked out and ready, but not this month.

What do you recommend? I am looking for something that will get everyone hooked and make for a great conversation at the next meeting.



Man of la Books said...

The two books that I think many people liked and made great conversation were:

An Inconvenient Elephant: A Novel by Judy Reene Singer

and the graphic novel
The Impostor's Daughter: A True Memoir by Laurie Sandell

both of them are quick reads and have many discussion points.

Anonymous said...

Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn is a wonderful little story on the surface about a quaint island with an absurd problem but at the heart is about language and how limiting language effects the people, etc.

Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk is a beautifully written contemporary novel about a man who thinks he is Christoper Columbus. Popped into a mental institution, he tells his nurse the most compelling stories of his life as Columbus. She wants to believe this charismatic character, but knows it can not be so she uses the clues in his story to try and piece together who he might be. There is more to it, so I suggest you check it out. The book is really great.

84, Charring Cross Road by Helene Hanff is a love story of sorts between an American author and a British Bookshop. This is a slim non-fiction volume, but there is a lot to discuss. Such as in our digital age are the author's concerns and love for the printed page still valid. There is British food rationing. The validity of various translations. But all of these are topics you will have to tease out of the slim volume of letters that are nothing more the pure love of a woman for her bookshop and the people who work there. (P.S. the MOVIE is good too -- may be a compare and contrast)

Melissa said...

Leaving Paradise by Simone's brilliant :)

A Musing Mother said...

And One Last Thing by Molly Harper

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

Art of Devotion

In a Heartbeat

Same Different as Me

Hidden Wives

Help! For Parents

The Heart Mender

Homeless Bird

Glass Castle

These is My Words

Left to Tell

Okay, I'll stop.

Savannah Smith said...

A GREAT discussing book is Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Not even kidding, that book was eye opening, and it had me hooked immediately. :)

Another series is the Hunger Games, which I HIGHLY recommend :)

Or if you're going for more of a light-hearted, feel good book, Saving Juliet by Suzanne Slefors is adorable. :)

All three books I mentioned are YA fiction. :) Hope this helps!

Mary said...

One I read recently (in trade paperback) is The Blessings of the Animals by Katrina Kittle. Loved it!