Monday, August 23, 2010

Target, Walmart, or Kmart?

So, we all shop at Walmart, Target and the very rare Kmart. If your like me, even if you enter one of these stores for just 1 item, then you have to walk down the book aisle. It really is an addiction. So, which store will I usually end up buying from and who has the better selection in my opinion.

I live in the boondocks, so all we really have is a tiny Walmart. The book selection at this location isn't great. However, I have seen a few that have great selections. Either way, if I am looking for just a specific author, Maybe 3 out of 5 times I will find it there. They keep is stocked decently, but not with the newest and greatest books that I am looking for.  Like I said, my Walmart is small, but even when visiting others, I still find they have a lot of the same books that I have at mine. Needless to say, I can usually walk through the Walmart aisle and leave without a book in my cart.

The next closest place to me, is the ever so rare Kmart. I have to say, Kmart really does have a good book selection. If I am in the book buying mood, I can usually get one from there without a problem. I can usually find a specific book I am also looking for, even if it has just come out. They have a good size selection, or at least at the one near me. As I said, Kmart is very rare now a days, and I have no idea how other Kmarts are.

Finally, If I want to travel a little ways, I will come across Target. Hands down they have the best selection. I will give them that award.  However, there prices are a bit steeper. Where I can find the same book say at Kmart for 5.99, its usually 7.99 at Target.

So, If I am usually looking for a book, I like to try Kmart first before heading to a fancy book store.  Besides, all three easily feed my need to just take a look, even if I am not buying.

Happy Monday fellow book lovers! And tell me, who has the best selection to you?


Wrighton said...

I too find that Kmart has a better selection than the other two and the pricing is bettr. We are somewhat lucky to have a Hastings book store here as well. They have a more comprehensive collection but really still not the newest and brightest books. Their pricing is also high.
Have a great day

Jessica said...

Call me an elitist if you want, I almost always go to Books A Million or Barnes and Noble. I have learned time and time again that Walmart and their kind never have the books I want. Plus I will admit, I like a nice gourmet drink while I browse :)

Rebecca said...

I always love a good book store too Jessica. They are much more cozy and always make me happy :o)

Mardel said...

We've had a K-mart here for over 30 years. I've been there a few times, but I didn't know that they carried books. I never even thought to look for books there. I should check it out sometime - especially when I'm looking for a hardback.

For variety I prefer bookstores, but for prices you can't beat Walmart or Target. The Target in our area gives 25% off of the prices on all their books, but I once bought a Kim Harrison hardback at Walmart for $13.00 - it was going for over $20 everywhere else!

Whenever I feel the strain of living in an evergrowing city, I remind myself that at least we have two major bookstores and a couple of independant stores here, as well as Target, K-Mart and Wal-Mart.

redhead said...

I'm very lucky to live in a college town, we've got just about evreything (Target, Meijer, Walmart, B&N a zillion grocery stores), except all of our KMart's closed last year. I find that I buy a lot of books at Target because I'm usually in that shopping plaza for something else, and it's "oh, I need to stop into Target for something!", and they've got a good book selection and it's cheap. They have a great selection of cookbooks too!

btw, found you through the hop, Great site!